Mary Ruth Marrow-Kapsiak






  Alicia Given

Vice President





                       Sylvia Wright                                                      Cecelia Henderson

                  Recording Secretary                                                  Parliamentarian

                       Mary Hood                                                                Aida Stewart

                   Financial Secretary                                                 Archivist/Historian

                        Aida Stewart                                                          Sonia S. Burgin                                 Corresponding Secretary                                          Membership Chairman 

                         Linda Seay                                                         Tracie Lewis Pompey

                          Treasurer                                                                Ivy Leaf Reporter


                      Sylvia Wright                                                    Devorah Maclin

            Public Relations Chairman                                                Hostess

                    Martha Younger                                                          Marion Mayfield

                        Chaplain                                                                  Sergeant at Arms


      Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

          Xi Epsilon Omega Chapter, Amherst NY.

Chapter Officers

Xi Epsilon Omega Chapter

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1st President - Louis McCoullum

2nd President - Mary alice Brown

3rd President - Edith Robinson

4th President - Patricia Franklin

5th President - Sandra Walker

6th President - Rita Fraiser

7th President - Paula Prince

8th President - Linda Seay

9th President - Madrene Kemp

10th President & Current - Mary Ruth Morrow-Kapsiak

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Xi Epsilon Omega Chapter