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Xi Epsilon Omega Chapter

Xi Epsilon Omega Chapter

​​Bethel, Kathy

Brown, Barbara

Burgin, Sonia S.

Cathey, Ruth (G)

Coleman, Delores E. (S, L)

​Daniels, Buwayna

Daniels, Jordan

Darby, Dianna

​Dublin, Cheryl

Evans, Tiana

​Farrow, Christine

Frazier, ​Lindsay

Givens, Alicia (G)

Givens-Daniels, Janessa

​​Henderson, Cecelia B. (G, L)

Hood, Mary (S)

​​Lewis, Roshelle

​Lewis-Pompey, Tracie Michele


Maclin, DevorahC. (S, L)

Mayfield, Marion (S)

Mesiah, Emma (S)

Morgan, Jeanette

​Morrow-Kapsiak, Mary Ruth (S, L)

​​Moss, Constance (S)

Pearson, Natasha

Prince, Paula

Roberts, Daniel

Robinson, Edith (L)

Samuel, Norwood (G)

Seay, Kimberly

Seay, Linda (S, L)

Stewart, Aida

Watkins, Deborah

Wright, Sylvia E.

Younger, Martha

Walker, Sonia 

Wood, Yolanda

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